Stock Fabrics

817 Surf and Tar

817 Surf and Tar

    Grade A Fabrics

    • Surf and Tar
    • Rock Solid Grass
    • Linen Texture
    • HobNob
    • Ground Marzipan

    Grade B Fabrics

    • Cast Ash
    • Cast Silver
    • Canvas Vellum
    • Bistro Strip-Spa/Vellum
    • Greek Key-Vellum/Blue
    • Fireworks-Vellum/Blue
    • Dupione Sand
    • Canvas Heather Beige
    • Arbor Pebble
    • Canvas Antique Beige

    These fabrics will be stocked in our factory and require no minimum order.

    Actual fabric colors and textures may vary slightly from photograph. Please note cushions made in our China factory my vary slightly in appearance and comfort of sit compared to a cushion manufactured in the Summer Classics domestic factory.